Intellectual Property Policy

VersusLike respects the intellectual property rights. We prohibit posting and sharing content that violate copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.

Unauthorized use of copyrighted content may violate VersusLike’s policies, but there are exceptions in some countries. If a user violates copyright, their content may be removed and their account suspended or terminated. We reserves the right to deny future account access for users who have engaged in improper activities or create new account.

Contacting the user directly can resolve complaints more quickly and effectively. You may also do a Copyright Infringement Report to have alleged infringing content removed. The report must contain specific information, and intentionally submitting a fraudulent report may lead to liability for damages. We may share the complainant's contact information with the account holder, and may contact the complainant for additional information. However, We may not be able to remove the content or suspend the reported account, so it may be better to resolve the issue directly with the content owner or account holder.

The unauthorized use of a trademark in a way that causes confusion about the origin of associated goods or services. Certain uses of another's trademark, such as referencing, commenting, criticizing, parodying, or reviewing products, are generally allowed. Additionally, creating a fan page about a brand is usually permissible as long as one does not falsely claim association with the brand or violate its intellectual property rights.